5 Signs You Need Whole House Water Filtration

Whole house water filtration is a more aggressive approach to providing clean water. It might be overkill in some situations, but there are circumstances where it's either the best solution or the only one. Folks who see these five signs of problems with their water should consider a whole house filtration system.

Skin Reactions

Oftentimes, the chemicals in water cause people's bodies to react. Skin conditions tend to be the most reactive issues. You might have problems with the water due to the laundry using it. Also, you could have reactions from showering or bathing. If anyone in your household is having a skin condition outbreak, you might want to test the water and see if a whole house filtration setup could be the answer.

Damaged Plumbing Fixtures

If your home's plumbing fixtures appear to be failing much faster than the manufacturers' specifications indicate they should, the water could be the problem. Hard water can cause mineral buildup in lines, and this can cause fixtures, lines, and fittings to fail. Also, high concentrations of chlorine in municipal water supplies can cause corrosion inside the fixtures and lines. You could see your water faucets rusting quickly or the showerheads scaling.

These problems tend to occur throughout a building. If there's an issue in one room, you can bet there are problems elsewhere. Even if you haven't seen additional problems, test the water and look at whole house water filtration options.


Sand and metals can collect in the water, drop through it, and develop sediment in the bottom of fixtures and tanks. Even if the sediment doesn't cause bad taste or health issues, it can affect the operation of a wide range of systems. For example, sentiment can affect tanks by preventing them from filling to their total capacity. Your hot water tank will effectively have to heat a bit of sand every cycle. That can cost you money even if it doesn't damage the equipment.


Minerals in the water can discolor it. Even if there are no health threats, discolored water can affect your laundry. The minerals may interact with the chemicals in your soaps or even the dyes in the clothes.


Particularly if you use well water, there's a decent chance from funky smells might follow the water into your house. Bacteria and chemicals can cause these odors. People who use municipal water in regions where authorities use lots of chlorine might also notice that their tap water smells like a swimming pool.

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