6 Signs Your Property Needs Waterproofing Services

Moisture buildup can cause severe damage to your property before you realize you have a problem. Nonetheless, the damage doesn't happen without giving you warning signs, and you can easily fix minor issues. So, stay alert to the symptoms below that signify your need for waterproofing services. 

1. Mold

Persistent musty smells and mold in corners and on walls and ceilings mean that sections of your home are regularly exposed to moisture. Besides the unbearable smell, mold can cause severe structural damage. However, you can prevent worse issues and save your property if you seek waterproofing services in good time.

2. Foundational and Wall Cracks

The materials that make up your wall aren't designed to withstand excessive amounts of moisture. Also, if your home is vulnerable to floods and water damage, continuous exposure causes foundational cracks. The gaps will increase in size and make your structure collapse. But you can prevent worse issues via waterproofing services.

3. Damaged Floors

Gravity eventually brings excess water from other house parts to your floor. Absorbed moisture and internal leakages cause your wood, concrete, or tile to warp, stain, sag, or bubble. You may have to replace parts of your floor, but the problem will recur if you don't solve the root problem. Good thing waterproofing services keep moisture out to ensure your floor is safe. 

4. Bubbled Paint

Cracked and bubbled paint usually occurs when the paint coat loses adhesion due to moisture. You may want to repaint your structure, but repainting is a temporary solution. The ideal step is to consult waterproofing services to resolve the root issue and prevent reoccurrence.

5. Stains

You will notice water marks or stains when the water dries on your walls or other surfaces. If the stains appear in many house parts, you likely have gaps that let water from outside into your interior space. You may also notice a slight shimmer when water collects salt deposits from stone and concrete. So, if you notice any of these signs, don't hesitate to seek waterproofing services.

6. Wall and Ceiling Deformation

Warps and distortion occur when water accumulates on your walls and ceilings. The problem usually occurs if you ignore early signs of water damage. Wall and ceiling deformation is a severe issue that calls for the entire structure's inspection. Besides, you may have to perform repairs to restore structural integrity.

Water damage isn't only unsightly but spreads to nearby areas if left unattended. Besides, excessive moisture provides a favorable ground for mold and bacterial growth, which causes health issues. Waterproofing services keep your premises safe from water damage. So, don't hesitate to request waterproofing services if you notice any of the signs above.