4 Subtle Signs That Your Home Needs A Central Air Conditioner Repair Service

Central air conditioners have a design that should enable them to last through all types of external conditions. They are equipment like all other appliances in the house, and therefore, they also incur functional issues. You have to ask a central air conditioner expert to assess your system whenever you suspect a malfunction. Here are seven indicators that your central AC has been damaged and needs repairs.

Short Cycling

Short-cycling is one of the typical indicators that your air conditioner unit has damages that need repairs. The system starts, runs for a few minutes, stops, and starts again. It can be problematic because the air conditioner cannot create favorable internal conditions in your home. Your system might be cycling because of various issues, including problems with the control board, clogs in the air filters, and low refrigerant levels. You should also check the condition of the evaporator coils and ascertain that they are not dysfunctional. When you fix all these issues, the unit should stop short cycling.

The Condenser Has a Fluid Leak

Fluid leaks close to the condenser are another cause of alarm. The fluid is the refrigerant, and your central air conditioning system cannot cool the air in the home without it. It takes the heat from the air that enters the unit and evaporates. A compression process brings it back to the liquid state, and the heat gets released to the environment. The level of refrigerant determines the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. The air conditioning technician can seal the leak within a short time. They will also add some refrigerant to restore the cooling function. 

The Air Conditioner Responds Slowly

When your air conditioner is functional and efficient, it should respond to a change in the thermostat reading within thirty seconds. As the system ages, its sensitivity to the thermostat declines. The problem could be with the thermostat itself. It could also be coming from the thermostat sensors. You can clean the thermostat sensors and have a professional take care of the wiring to ensure it is in excellent condition.

Unusual Smells from the Unit

Another troubling indicator is unusual smells from the unit. Typically, the system starts giving off unusual smells when it gets a mold infestation. The AC technician will locate the mold and formulate the best way to remove it.

Hire a competent AC technician to troubleshoot all possible issues with your unit. They will give you a comfortable house and increase the lifespan of the air conditioner unit.

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