Cooling Your Warehouse: What You Need To Know

Keeping a warehouse cool is a tall order. It is not easy to cool a very large commercial building such as this, and it requires some clever cooling installation plans. Here is what you can expect from undergoing a cooling installation:

Hire a General Contractor or an HVAC Contractor

To get started, you will need to hire a general contractor with plenty of cooling and heating experience, or you will need to hire an HVAC contractor. Either of these professionals will work. They will look at the size of your warehouse, the amount of cooling you will need during certain months, and the delivery system for the cooled air so that it is the most effective and most efficient. Then they will provide you with a plan and a quote. You choose the cooling design plan and quote you think will work best for your budget. 

The Plan May Include Circulation Fans in Your Warehouse Ceiling

Cooling a space as large as a commercial warehouse often requires extra helping appliances. If you do not already have circulation fans in the roof/ceiling of your warehouse, your cooling plan may include these. It is important to go along with this plan because the fans help remove the hotter air that floats toward the ceiling and causes the temperature to rise in the warehouse. If that hot air were left to build up, your commercial cooling equipment would be running nonstop to remove that hotter air. It is just smarter and easier to install circulation fans that can remove the hot air so that your cooling system works more efficiently.

You Will Need a Large Area Close to, or on Top of, Your Warehouse for the Cooling Equipment

Commercial cooling equipment is about the size of a small cargo container. That said, it requires a flat, level surface close to the warehouse. If your warehouse has a flat roof that can support the cooling equipment's weight, then you can request that the equipment be installed on the roof. From there, all of the ducts, electrical needs, etc., run inside the warehouse to large vents that will send hot air out, cool it, and send the cooled air back inside. 

Turning the Cooling Equipment off for More Than an Hour Is Not Recommended

Once you have cooling equipment working in your warehouse, you should not turn it off unless you are headed into much cooler or colder weather days. Your system has to work overtime to cool the building when you turn it back on after having it off for more than an hour. Avoid the spike in electrical costs by keeping the system on until you do not need it working.