3 Faux-Wood Finishes That You Can Get On Vinyl Siding

Choosing to cover the exterior of your home with vinyl siding makes a lot of sense, given its affordability, ease of installation, and durability. If you've seen some vinyl siding on homes around your neighborhood and been less than impressed with its appearance, however, you might be resistant to move forward in this manner. Fortunately, it's important to know that vinyl siding is available in a nearly endless variety of styles, so you won't have trouble finding a look that you like. If you enjoy the look of wood, vinyl siding can be a good choice for you because you can find it in many faux-wood finishes. Here are some examples.

1. Wooden Shingles

Some homes have wooden shingles on their roofs, while others use shingles on parts of their exterior walls. If you've always been in favor of this look — but not been very keen on the continuous maintenance that wooden shingles require — vinyl siding can be a good choice for you. It's possible to get siding that looks like wooden shingles. Many different colors are available, so whether you prefer something in gray to look as though it's been up for a long time or something in reddish brown to appear newer, you'll be able to find the right product.

2. Wooden Logs

Log homes have a beautiful rustic appearance to them, but this type of home construction can be very expensive. If you like the look of log homes but aren't interested in adding to the cost of your home construction, vinyl siding that looks like wooden logs can be a perfect option for you to pursue. Whether you have this siding put on the full exterior of your home, or perhaps just use it on the front of the dwelling, you'll have a captivating appearance that offers plenty of curb appeal — all without the price tag of logs.

3. Wooden Planks

Vinyl siding is also available in an appearance that mimics wooden planks. This residential house covering comes in a multitude of colors, including those that make it appear as though the wood has been painted in a vibrant hue, and those that appear as though the wood has been stained in a natural finish. This is another way that you can use siding to recreate wood, but without the cost and maintenance hassles that come with this type of material. Visit a local siding company to learn more about faux-wood finishes that you might want for your home.

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