2 Benefits to Joining a Union

Workers' unions have occasionally gotten a bad rap, but the fact is, if your workplace or industry offers you the chance of joining a union, there are a lot of good reasons for you to think about joining one. 

Collective Bargaining

Say that you were worried about something that's going on at your particular factory. You could go to your boss and tell them your worry. But, since you are just one person, your foreman might not listen to you as much as if there were many of you. That's what collective bargaining is for. With collective bargaining, your union rep will go to the foreman or the bosses and tell them that the union has concerns about this particular issue and they would like for it to get looked at.

Because your union rep is speaking with the entire voice of your local union group and with possibly the voice of the larger union throughout the United States, the people in charge at your factory are going to listen better because there is power in numbers. Collective bargaining can also work for you when it comes to negotiating for pay raises and health insurance. 

Layoff Support

If you work in the construction industry, you know that there are times when business is a lot slower than others. When that happens, your company may lay off employees until there is more work available. But that means that you may be left without a job or an income for a little while. But, you can go to your union and let them know that you have been laid off and then put your name on a list for more work. Then, when companies need to have someone who works in your particular field, they can call the union and get the names of people who are qualified to work but who are currently out of work for whatever reason.

The union will work down the list and either call people in order and offer them the job, or if the hiring company is looking for some very particular skills, the union will match the worker and the company. The union may also be able to pay you a stipend while you are laid off. 

You should look into whether or not your industry has a union. For example, if you are in HVAC, look into HVAC contractor union recruitment. If your industry does have a union, consider joining it. There are a lot of very good reasons to do so.