The Joy Of Modern Wooden Windows

Window replacement is something that people do in order to modernize their property and increase the value of their home. Windows become less efficient as they get older. So, replacing your windows can solve some of the insulation problems you're having with your house. But, modernizing your windows doesn't necessarily mean you need to invest in a modern product. Natural wood frame windows are still a good choice for pretty much any home. This article explains a few reasons why wooden windows are so desirable.


First off, the style of wood is what makes it attractive to most homeowners. Wood is a building material that looks great, and you can pretty much find a product to match with any style of home. Wood windows can work on a rustic log cabin, a mid century craftsman, or a modern design home. The texture and color of real wood is one of the best features.

Another big selling point is the ability to change this style. Wood is very fun to customize. You can paint it, stain it, or leave it raw. Best of all, you can alternate between all of these finishes. Even if your wood is currently stained, you could sand off the finish to expose the raw wood grains. Having this style freedom and diversity is very attractive to homeowners.


Many people don't think of wood as the most functional window frame material. Indeed, wood texture can wear down and rub off on a sliding fixture. This only becomes an issue if the surface is not sealed and stained. Wood needs to be sealed and smoothed out so there is less friction. So, the stain is not only important because it gives the wood unique color, but also because it protects the wood and makes it easier to open and close.

Most modern wooden windows are hybrid in a way. This means that the core of the window is a synthetic material while the visible outer sash is made out of real wood. Using less wood keeps down the cost of the windows. It also makes the window stronger so it is not as dramatically affected by moisture. While moisture can warp solid wood, it doesn't really affect wooden hybrid windows because the synthetic core keeps the window rigid and consistent.

Even though there are a ton of new materials that are being used for window construction, you can't go wrong with the classic style and dependability of wooden sashes. Contact a service, like Leger Siding, for more help.