Energy-Efficient Roof Improvements To Ensure Your Home Stays Cool With Less Heat Gain

One of the biggest problems with asphalt roofs is heat gain during the summer months. Have you ever gone into your attic on a summer day and the heart was unbearable? This is something that will cause your AC to work twice as hard to keep your home cool. If you want to reduce heat gain, improvements to your roof like cool roofing, insulation beneath the rafters, and energy-efficient underlayments will help. Here are some of the roof improvements that will help reduce heat gain this summer and save you energy when cooling your home:

1. Insulation Improvements in The Attic and Rafters of Your Roof

The attic of your home is a place where you may want to consider different improvements. First, adding more insulation to the attic will help to reduce heat gain in your home and prevent heat loss during the winter months. Insulating the rafters of your roof is a good improvement to reduce heat loss, as well as to protect your home from winter weather that may cause ice dams that can damage the shingles.

2. Installing an Energy-Efficient Underlayment for Roof Replacements

Installing energy-efficient underlayments is another improvement that will help you to reduce energy loss. Reflective underlayments come in various materials, such as plywood decking or the moisture barrier beneath shingles. If you are installing a new roof, plywood decking with an energy-efficient backing is a good choice for energy efficient-improvements to your roof. If you are doing a roof replacement, the moisture barrier can be an energy-efficient alternative to the conventional asphalt felt paper that is usually used beneath shingles.

3. Energy Efficient Roof Coatings and Cool Roof Systems for Replacement Projects

Energy-efficient roof coatings are another option to consider for the roof of your home. The roof coatings are a light-colored, protective sealant that helps to reduce heat gain. There are also various types of cool roofing systems, which are lighter-colored materials that reflect heat and UV radiation to keep your home cooler by reducing heat gain. Cool roofs can be any type of material that is light in color and reflects heat, including shingles, metal, and membranes for flat roofs.

These are some of the roof improvements that will help keep your home cool and use less energy. Contact a roofing contractor at a company like Skerlec Contracting and talk with them about some of these improvements to make your roof more energy efficient.