5 Tips For Using A Color Palette In The Living Room

A set color scheme can make your room look more cohesive. You don't even have to have a definite design style if you have a cohesive palette. However, a set palette can also help drive certain décor themes, such as Mediterranean and coastal. As you plan your living room, start with a base color scheme.

Find your Inspiration

Your color inspiration can come from numerous sources. For example, you could use a rug or other patterned piece as the basis for your color palette. Indeed, Home and Garden TV suggests utilizing a painting as your guide. You can also adhere to a design style, such as terra cotta and turquoise for a Mediterranean-inspired living room.

Choose a Base Color

Once you have your inspiration, you must settle on a base color for painting your walls. Often this foundational color is a neutral, such as beige, sand, or gray. So, if you want a coastal-inspired living room, consider starting with sand-colored paint for your walls. However, you can choose another color but opt for a different saturation. So, it's fine to use the orange out of a pattern for your foundational color, but dial down the intensity for your wall paint.

Paint the Trim an Accent Color

Your next step is choosing an accent color for the trim. If you chose a brighter color for your walls, you may want white or natural-stained trim. However, use one of your palette colors to accent neutral walls. Again, you don't want the brightest, most intense version of the color. So, let's say there's a vibrant yellow in your palette. Choose a pale version for the trim. Either way, this color can also be used for your ceiling if you want to draw the eye up.

Consider a Statement Wall

Another way to promote your color palette if you started with a neutral base is with a statement wall. For this effect you'll choose a single wall to paint one of the vibrant colors from your palette. So, let's say you chose white walls with navy accenting for a Cape Cod décor style. Choose a windowless wall to paint bright red. This sets off your décor.

Pull the Palette Through

You're not finished with just painting. In fact, the paint job is the backdrop for your decorating. Choose a second base color, and use this for large furniture pieces. Use the rest of your colors for accenting, say with vases, picture frames and textiles. If you've used a patterned item as your inspiration, make sure you place it with prominence so it pulls the color scheme together.

Let a cohesive color palette serve as the inspiration for your living room décor. For more information or assistance, contact painting companies like Ron's Professional Services.